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Hot Debate Threads

  • Amritsar is all dug up with no health and safety or proper care or information for tourists.
  • There is limited point in doing cosmetics of the city whilst the city does not a have and effective rubbish collection and looks dirty in contrast the pristine cantonment ,May bbe an army traine3r and advisor is needed to help the MCD.
  • The public needs to know of the overhead transport project is now dead and what happened to the allocated money.
  • Is not about time the central Amritsar is pedestrianised and the sites on the heritage walk upgraded for the sake of making the visit pleasant The city father need to look at the ancient city of Faiz in Morocco how pedestrian it is and how manages its tourism commerce and cleanliness despite the narrow streets arrow street so well.
  • The city remains very dirty with drains full of dirty stale water 20 meters from the perimeter of the Golden Temple – should the SGPC not launch a campaign to remove this embarrassing problem which casts a poor shadow on the inmate of he city.
  • Amritsar sky line sucks unlike cities like Florence or Bath or York there has been nt control over building heights or a stylistic template for the builders.
  • Taking the motorway all the way to Golden Temple and building car parks promotes hit and run half day tourism not adding economic value to the city economy.