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Amritsar Photo history project –what is it

  • Here we are trying to get hold of old photos of dwellings and buildings with some architectural merit or if they represented a particular style of architecture from different periods by urging people to upload the photos
  • We also want people to upload photos taken of the old buildings ,Hawellis as well as of Katras and bazaars or ofm form instance Preet Nagar ,of for instance Golden temple or Durgiana temple or any other local temples or any other old buildings for instance colleges, hospitals, dental schools or or other school interiors /exteriors Nagar all in the last 100 years or so.
  • Old pictures of famous shops like Bakewell ,Crystal, Amin Chand etc.
  • Demolished Kothees like gahriwali kothi.
  • For current photos taken in recent years taken for aesthetic or hobby purposes only upload if you think your picture is very different or from a particular angle.
  • Architectural pictures of the interiors of the new or the old buildings eg Khalsa collge or Christ Church would be most welcome.
  • We are also interested in ornate buildings from the last century and their interiors as well Kothees /Bunglows build in a particular style in a particular decade eg modern post modern are welcome.
  • Photos of streets with recognisable specialism.

Once we have sufficient numbers of Photos we would be printing them to develop an exhibition with enlarged pics eventually displayed with acknowledgements WE would be selecting eye catching and historically relevant and accurately documenting pics


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