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Uploading Guidance

  • We will not publish low quality photos.
  • Dot not upload pictures copied from the internet as we have most of them already.
  • Any images used for the exhibitions will have acknowledgements of contributors.
  • We will not accept images from whatsapp." As they suitable for mobile viewing only.
Scanning old pictures>
  • Lay the picture flat on a cardboard with some folded tape at the back and leave it under the weight of thick book to straighten it over night so it is not bent or curved .
  • Ideally the photos should be scanned on a scanner to upload for these to be usable for a hard copy canvass exhibition.
  • If you are using a mobile camera to scan it please use pls ensure that at least it has mid range camera with 1 million pixels and shoot the photo using a diffused light to light up the picture .
  • Can put a transparent fabric material on a lamp to light it.
  • If the photo is damaged pls don’t try to not repair it we can do so using our expertise as well as send u the original back.
  • Do not use flash as the wax layer on the photos will make the image incomplete In fact switch it off.
  • Please do not retouch or airbrush images in Photoshop before sending. Though adjusting brightness and contrast should be ok.

Uploading Digital of digitised Images onto the website

Please upload 7 mb -10mb pixel density images

When uploading Pls provide

  • Name of the photo owner.
  • The source of the photo and its reference eg family album some old book army pictures etc.
  • Approximate date when the photo was taken.
  • Photo owners email

Sending images by email on whats app

  • You can only send 7 mb -10 mb density pixel images by mail.
  • Whats App images whilst publishable on site cannot be used for exhibition or the book later on so an email would be much better.